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Exciting Alternative Edwardian Engagement Rings in the Spotlight

Exciting Alternative Edwardian Engagement Rings in the Spotlight

Choosing an engagement ring is a big decision!  You will want the ring to be as unique as the union that it signifies between the two of you as well as express your individual style.  The classic solitaire diamond has long been the choice of many brides but you can step out of the box and showoff your style and personality by choosing an alternative design and still keep with tradition.  

We're going to showcase a few of our alternative Edwardian engagement rings as well as some that are Edwardian inspired to help with your all important decision to find the ring that's perfect for you!

Three Stone Diamond Ring

A three stone through the center ring, also called a trilogy ring or trinity ring, symbolizes past, present and future or now, forever and always. It is the reflection of the expression "we have spent our past together, devoting our present as one, and will be united and together in future as well".  A wonderful way of expressing love and a desire to spend past, present and future together!  This 18K gold diamond alternative Edwardian Engagement Ring is so very feminine.


Diamond Halo Rings

Halo rings have been popular for quite some time including the Georgian era onward.  It's easy to see why and a marvelous choice for an alternative Edwardian engagement ring.  A circle of diamonds, rubies or other stones draws attention to the center stone making it stand out even more.  This diamond halo sapphire ring is one of our favorites and has been brought to the limelight with Princess Diana using it as her engagement ring and now the Duchess of Cambridge heralding the same ring.  What's not to love?



Toi et Moi Ring

Toi et moi rings became popular when Napoleon gave Josephine a sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Featuring two stones, the style of ring was a common engagement ring during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, symbolizing two souls that are intertwined. So romantic!  Take your choice of gemstones from a diamond paired with another colored stone...endless possibilities!  Why not an antique alternative Edwardian Engagement Moonstone Ring?  It is said if you give your lover a moonstone when the moon is full you will always have passion with each other.


Ruby Rings


A ruby is considered the ultimate symbol of passionate love and known as the “gem of the heart.”  Looking for just a band rather than the traditional style ring?  Very popular during the Edwardian era, pearls signified modesty.  Coupled with the beauty of the sea and the passion of love, this lovely English Edwardian ruby ring will be perfect for saying "I do"!



 Opal Rings

Opals are a dreamy alternative to a diamond.  Because of the unique way they feature multiple colors within a single gemstone, opals are mesmerizing to behold.  In the past, opals were believed to symbolize purity and hope.   More than just prized for their unique beauty, opals are associated with love and loyalty — requisite qualities of a long, successful marriage.  This wonderful Opal alternative Edwardian engagement ring circled with diamonds is captivating!


These are just a few of our alternative Edwardian engagement rings that caught our eye.  With your proposal on the horizon, we'll keep you informed of the latest trends in antique engagement rings from diamonds to gemstones covering a rainbow of colors.  Stay tuned!

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