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Sentimental Fool That I Am....

Posted on July 18 2017

I'm pretty sentimental and I believe most people tend to be sentimental, too. Don't we all yearn for the feeling and emotions of love, nostalgia and idealism? We all hold on to something in the past be it in our thoughts or through a memento. So many things hold a special meaning or tell a story that brings a smile.


Victorian Gutta Percha Cross

The Victorians were notorious for having sentiment and using symbolism. Take for instance this Gutta Percha (a latex produced from the sap of trees) mourning cross necklace. The roses are signifying the person being mourned was a loved one and older as the flower is in full bloom. The person was someone who had been with the wearer of the cross for some time as the daisies have a meaning of youth and innocence. It's kind of like reading a book.





Hair Brooch at Boylerpf

Now I used to think that hair jewelry was gross! The thought of braiding someone's hair and turning it into a brooch, bracelet, necklace or watch chain to wear was...well...just plain weird. But then I realized that even in today's time, we save locks of hair. When our dear Collie died a year or two ago, my husband cut a lock of his fur and placed it in his wallet. He's carried it ever since and occasionally pulls it out and smiles at the memory. We save our child's lock of hair after their first hair cut or put a snip of hair in a locket with a picture of a loved one. The list goes on and on.

I like to think that we all want a slower paced time where we can appreciate sentimentality and revel in nostalgia. I know...I'm just a idealistic, sentimental old fool but I think there's one in just about everybody.

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