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Antique Jewelry Care

The antique and vintage pieces we sell will have lived a long life; sometimes more than 150 years. Please keep in mind the jewelry is not in brand new unworn condition but comes to you with a history. Proper care should be taken when wearing and items may require maintenance at some point after purchase. We guarantee all our items as described but can not guarantee they won't need maintenance or repair due to use and wear after purchase. Contact us for an estimate on repairs should you want us to do the repairs. All repairs are subject to reasonable additional fees.

All fine jewelry should be cared for properly, especially vintage and antique pieces. Due to their age, many antique and vintage pieces can be more delicate and fragile than modern jewelry.  With a modicum of care, the jewelry you are fond of can last many more lifetimes to come.

Please always remove your jewelry when:

  • Exercising, or doing any strenuous activity
  • Showering, bathing, swimming, or washing hands
  • Gardening or working with tools
  • Cleaning, cooking, or doing dishes 
  • Sleeping

Please avoid subjecting your jewelry to potential high impact or pressure. Although gemstones and metal are very hard materials, it is always possible to chip, scuff, lose, or crack the setting/stones if you accidentally hit it in the wrong place.