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Victorian 14K Gold Hair Brooch Mourning Jewelry

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Antique Victorian woven hair brooch, circa 1870s, is definitely a love token piece of mourning jewelry. Crafted in a detailed engraved 14K solid gold frame with a floral center and a pinwheel braid emanating over a fine woven hair braid net forms the focal point. The next element follows the same design with the bottom having two tear drop shaped braided hair drops. The articulated drop pendants add a gentle sway with movement. The back of the brooch is engraved 'to Aunt Jane, from Kittie, October 21, 1872'. Such a wonderful sentimental piece of hair jewelry!

Not all braided hair jewelry was for mourning during the Victorian era. Since hair was incredibly personal, women would braid locks of hair from their husbands or fiances as a love token. The dangle pendants can be removed and worn as earrings if desired… Measures 2 1/2 inches and weighs 8 grams in excellent condition.

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