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Buy Classic Antique Jewelry Online From Boylerpf

Looking to buy classic antique jewelry online? Then you've found the best place for that. Established in 1996, Boyplerpf offers the largest selection of jewels that span the most dynamic years of the 20th century jewel production. Our range runs from Victorian to Art Nouveau and everything in between.

At the turn of the twentieth century, innovation and expression were set to remould jewelry design. Even though the influence of the previous century was to be quite heavy in the beginning with the curated collection of the average jewelry owner being made up of plain pearl strands, defined cameos, and dangles.

Some modern day classics were the innovators that ushered in this new era by embracing and blending the trends of the Art Nouveau era, which has been described as organic and harmonious, and the Art Deco of the early 1900s, with its clean lines. The jewel-encrusted pieces that were born of this fusion distinguished the originators, some of these are Cartier and Bulgari.

As this new style gained momentum and begun to spread, a market emerged for more affordable and lower cost pieces that were just as classy. A new breed of makers met the demand by creating elegant pieces out of magnificently brilliant rhinestones. Along with these, complete sets were also made. This enabled the average, everyday jewel enthusiasts to get pieces that all match each other, like necklaces, bracelets and a set of earrings.

Get yourself an affordable set of classic antique jewelry pieces that sparkled with diamonds but cost so much less. Exquisite pieces made from gold and silver, set with the rarest and most beautiful stones.

For all those who want to buy classic jewelry online, the process and experience has been made significantly better and so much easier, when you shop from Boylerpf. From mourning to evening, bringing together over 150 years of great, original and authentic vintage jewelry history.

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