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Engagement & Wedding Rings

A selection of Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings including Alternative Engagement Ring styles

Providing you carefully curated collections of the best in vintage and antique jewelry that combines
history, craftsmanship, design and rarity, Boylerpf brings you this special selection of engagement
and wedding rings. This collection includes the popular Edwardian engagement rings that are unlike
any other in craftsmanship and quality. The styles you can expect from these pieces are light and
airy, mainly worked with diamonds and platinum. You’ll also find pieces done in rose and yellow gold
with the metalwork like a lace curtain backdrop to the intricate diamond patterns, cut in the old
European, French, old mine and rose fashions.

With advances in metalworking techniques during that era, Edwardian jewellers started using the
milgraining technique, incorporating beads of metal around the edges of their rings. The innovation
of this design format serves to draw out the beauty of whatever stone is inset, giving it elegance that
is truly unmatched. Another new technique that originated during this time is the filigree, which is
the crafting of delicate threads of metal to create an astounding lace and lattice-work.

The styles and details on these Edwardian engagement rings are all so exquisite and unique, each
one a true work of art that is characterized by a great attention to detail, exuding an elegance that
can only be described as refined yet delicate. Show your loved one you understand their multi-
faceted beauty with one of these special pieces.

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