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  • Vintage 1950s Topaz Rhinestone Bracelet Earrings Set - Boylerpf

Vintage 1950s Topaz Rhinestone Bracelet Earrings Set

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Fantastic vintage costume jewelry set from the 1950s featuring a bracelet and earrings with smoky gray and topaz rhinestones and gilt brass snake chains! The bracelet has 10 snake chains gathered at the end with emerald cut brown topaz rhinestones with accents of smoky gray stones. An element with matching topaz rhinestones accents the chain at the three quarter marks. The clip back earrings have matching navies of great and brown with chains draped over the stones. The shovel slide clasp is hinged as well for fluid movement. Exceptional quality!

Measurements: 6 3/4 in. long and 3/4 in. wide. The clip back earrings are 1 in.
Condition: Very, very good with the closure secure and little if any wear. All the rhinestones are brilliant as well.

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