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  • Victorian Rhinestone 12k Gold Fill Bangle Bracelet - Boylerpf

Victorian Rhinestone 12k Gold Fill Bangle Bracelet

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Rendered in a 12K gold fill having an oval front embellished with dazzling paste rhinestones, this turn of the 19th century cross over bangle bracelet is superb. The Victorian to Edwardian treasure boasts detailed enamel enhanced arms on each side of the oval with a spring that connects the arms and opens for ease of taking on and off. Produced by the renowned Bates and Bacon Company.  Measuring  6 1/2 in on the inside and 7/8 in. wide in the front, the bracelet will accommodate a slightly larger wrist due to the spring mechanism allowing the spread of the arms.  The bangle will make a wonderful keepsake! 


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