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  • Victorian 14K Gold Mourning Jewelry Pendant Necklace - Boylerpf

Victorian 14K Gold Mourning Jewelry Pendant Necklace

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Spectacular gutta percha Victorian mourning jewelry antique necklace with a locket style pendant and 14kt gold beads. The pendant has a 14k gold raised flower centered with a pearl and an engraved gold leaf below. The chain is quite rare having uniquely shaped beads alternating with 14K gold beads ending with a pin style clasp. Exquisitely produced and a most unique rare piece of Victorian mourning jewelry that is as wearable today as it was 150 years ago!
Gutta percha is derived from tropical trees indigenous to Southeast Asia. The sap from the trees formed a latex which allowed the Victorians to create jewelry, furniture as well as dentistry. Blocks of gray, black and brown were used by the artists to create the pieces. This necklace/watch chain is a wonderful piece of Victorian history and very well preserved.
Measurements: 19 inches with the pendant and ring bail adding an additional 2 inches
Circa: 1850s-1870s
Condition: Very good antique condition...all beads are free of chips or nicks. The stringing is secure as well as the clasp closing as it should. The pearl top has lost it's nacre although only visible through a loop and not a deterrent.

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