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Rare Pair Antique Garnet Victorian Wedding Bracelets

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Rich Bohemian garnets dance across the front of this exquisite rare matched pair of Etruscan Victorian wedding bangle bracelets circa 1875. Each rose gold bangle displays an Etruscan designed front with four rose cut brilliant Bohemian garnets. An Etruscan embellished cone shape rests at each arm end and connects to a rose gold tubular band. The side hinged bangles are closed with pin style clasp and gold filled safety chain. Very rare to find a matching set in exquisite condition with such a feminine delicate theme!

During Victorian times, a bracelet was given and worn when betrothed and the matching bangle worn after marriage. A sentimental and endearing tradition of love!  

Measurements: 6 1/4 inches on the inside with the front approximately 5/8 inch wide and the design 2 inches from side to side. The condition is excellent with a shimmering patina to the rose gold and gold filled elements. There is no wear to note...A very well cared for antiquity!  

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