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  • Pearl Peridot Garnet Austro Hungarian Necklace Brooch Pendant - Boylerpf

Pearl Peridot Garnet Austro Hungarian Necklace Brooch Pendant

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Set in gold washed 800+ silver antique Victorian Austro Hungarian necklace pendant that doubles as a brooch!  Garnet, natural pearls, and peridot gemstones are raised and band wrapped surrounding a three dimensional figurine of a knight with a creamy ivory white enamel background. The girandole style brooch has three drops dangling below with the back having a detailed design. Hallmarked on the pin stem, the brooch has a c-clasp with tubular hinge along with a swivel bail at the top for adding a chain. Heavy and extremely well executed, the piece is superb and extremely versatile!

Measurements: 3 1/4 in tall and 1 3/4 in wide
Provenance: Austro Hungarian - impressed marks on the pin stem as well as the dogs head on the c-clasp
Circa: Mid 1800s
Condition: Very, very good with no chips or nicks to the stones and the gold wash metal bright. The design is crisp

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