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Edwardian Connemara Marble Clover Puffy Heart Bracelet

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This English hallmarked circa 1905 lucky three leaf clover bracelet bears Connemara marble and is closed with a sterling silver puffy heart antique padlock. The Victorian to Edwardian bracelet has green Connemara marble inset into sterling silver shaped clover shamrocks. A sterling silver puffy heart padlock, inset with marble, closes the piece. As unique as it is rare, this lucky talisman is a superb piece of antique jewelry!

Referred to as Ireland’s gem stone, Connemara marble contains the luck of the Irish, as a representative of Irish's lush green hills and dales. Irish folklore says that if you rub a Connemara marble between your thumb and index finger, it can bring a sense of calm and reduce anxiety. Connemara marble is also said to bring good fortune and serenity to those who receive it as a gift.

Measurements: 7 inches long with the heart padlock measuring 1 1/4 inches from the top of the loop to the bottom
Condition: Very, very good condition with no dents or dings, clasp secure on the heart and sterling having a nice patina. The green Connemara marble has wonderful variations in color and is well matched.  

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