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Citrine Gold Filled Victorian Hair Bracelet Mourning Jewelry

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Beautiful antique Victorian braided hair bracelet, circa mid 19th century, is closed in the front with a large open back citrine glass stone set in a gold filled mounting. Engraved on the back ME French, the bracelet has ornate plaited dark brown hair brand backed with a hand sewn folded silk fabric. The large oval citrine glass stone is prong set high on an elaborate engraved frame with gold filled stations connecting to the band. Measuring 6 1/2 inches long and 1 inch wide in the front, the bracelet is a lovely piece of mid 19th century jewelry.  

Not all braided hair jewelry was for mourning during the Victorian era. Since hair was incredibly personal, women would braid locks of hair from their husbands or fiances as a love token. 

The braiding is predominantly secure with little if any fraying other than the fine tips. The clasp, although secure, could use an adjustment to make it more so. 

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