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  • Antique Rose Gold Victorian Etruscan Bangle Bracelet - Boylerpf

Antique Rose Gold Victorian Etruscan Bangle Bracelet

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Masterfully handcrafted circa 1880s antique Victorian gold filled bangle bracelet with Etruscan rose gold designs gracing the front. Ornamented on the top and bottom with delicate Etruscan style braid work, the squared oval shape bracelet is closed with a shovel slide clasp and safety chain. A classic Victorian adornment!

Measurements: 6 inches on the inside and 5/8 inch wide...squared oval in shape to accommodate the wrist - 2 in. in diameter
Condition: Very good with no dents or dings and the gold fill showing little wear. The rose gold stands out beautifully against the bloomed gold background. Note that any dark spots are camera reflections and not present on the bracelet.

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