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  • Antique Georgian Gold Gate Link Citrine Bracelet - Boylerpf

Antique Georgian Gold Gate Link Citrine Bracelet

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Engraved 8K gold hollow links interspersed with round faceted links are centered with a citrine gemstone forming this Georgian to Victorian gate link style bracelet. An open back 8+ carat yellow citrine gemstone surrounded by an engraved quatrefoil frame sits in the center with a hook closure ending the piece. These bracelets were often referred to as gate bracelets as they resembled the locks and chains that closed a gate. A very endearing piece of antique jewelry! Measures 7 1/3 inches long with the front medallion measuring 1 1/3 inches wide.

From close observation, one fleur di lis and one arch embellishment are missing from the center. Neither effect the wearability of this wonderful antique piece.

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