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Antique Austro Hungarian Garnet Citrine Pendant Victorian

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Antique Victorian Austro Hungarian necklace pendant containing a 20 carat citrine gemstone flanked by garnets and genuine pearls set in 800 plus silver.  The open back huge citrine gemstone is band wrapped an decorated with a multitude of fleur di lis. Natural pearls and garnet carbuncle gems are at the corners with all set in an ornate filigree frame. Heavy and extremely well executed, the piece is superb and an impressive piece of Austro Hungarian jewelry!

Measurements: 2 1/3 inches long and 2 1/8 inch wide. The citrine is a 20+ carats with the pearls measuring a domed 10mm. The garnets are approximately 2.80 carats each
Provenance: Austro Hungarian 
Circa: Mid to late 1800s
Condition: Very, very good with no chips or nicks to the gemstones and the gold wash metal bright. The design is crisp as well. 

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